Garret Boyan celebrates his 13th birthday at the Blue Lobster

The friendly crew at the Blue Lobster restaurant helped Garret celebrate his 13th birthday in Aruba. From Bay Head, New Jersey, the family vacationed on the island and picked the Blue Lobster restaurant for the festive occasion.

Owners Chef Sandro and German orchestrated a super-rendition of the birthday song, escorted by lovely cake and flaming pyrotechnics.

Pictured here proud parents Joseph and Lauri Boyan, Garret, 13 and his siblings, Ryan, who will be 11 in 2 weeks and Josh, 7, with restaurant staff members, posing for a picture opportunity.

The Blue Lobster restaurant, a family owned eatery recently opened its doors on Palm Beach to rave reviews, restoring lobster to its former glory by dedicating a large portion of the menu to classic and contemporary lobster dishes. Also open for lunch, Chef Sandro offers an interesting selection of true-blue local dishes showcasing Aruba’s cuisine, midday.

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January 09, 2012
Rona Coster