Galeria Sala de Arte

I already visited Sala de Arte twice, once to admire the work of Cassio Leitao, a Brazilian-born artist and once to experience the work of the current artist in residence, Abi Joy Samuel.

Sala de Arte became active sometimes last year when Rachel Fontaine opened a gallery slash guest room, in Noord, with the multi-facetted mission: To offer a showcase for contemporary European artists, host vacation rental guests in a lovely environment, immersed in art, and serve as an educational center where locals kids and adults are exposed to visual and intellectual stimulation, as they encounter, perhaps for the first time, different ideas and personal creative expressions, from the outside world.

Rachel and her partner settled in Aruba a number of years ago, and while one is a medical professional employed by the hospital, the other is deeply involved with paintings, drawings, and sculpture. The two represent a perfect match of science and art, and complement each other’s activities, between gardening, and caring for their kids, in a busy household.

Cultural education is an essential part of children’s education and Sala de Arte is offering to undertake the challenge of exposing kids to fine art, free of charge.

All you have to do is call and schedule a guided tour, and Rachel will provide you with the story behind the art pieces, paintings, drawings, photography, and the story behind the artists, discussing materials, the hidden meanings in artistic representation and the work process. You can also pick a subject: Women in Art, Nature in Art, or a certain time period, and customize the experience.

The tour is suitable for all ages, and will surly inspire viewers to either appreciate art more, or pick up a pencil or a brush, in a burst of creativity.

If you visit within the next month you will notice the gallery dedicates a wall to the paintings of Abi Joy Samuel, a young female artist, born 1993, based in London. Her paintings interpret her own personal childhood story, more turbulent that peaceful. She grew up in a foster home. Her father abandoned his family, and her mostly absent mom retreated into herself.

They say that great art is born out of unbearable pain and Abi’s work proves the point, that art is therapeutic to an extent: By placing pain on display in color, and shape, on a large canvas, in public, it is shared and easier to carry.

After all her middle name is Joy.

Abi paints in black, gray and white, splashed with red; she layers drawings with new drawings and disrupts them with imposed images — her stories have multiple layers, just like the people she studies.

And Abi herself is multi-layered, she is also a fashion designer, working as a print designer at the top of the British fashion world.

At the gallery, last Sunday, Abi delighted her listeners with her personal interesting narrative, filled with private insights, she also showed off her excellent drawing skills.

You may book a tour of the gallery or a creative session for a small group, you won’t be sorry.

The core is learning, discovering and experimenting says Rachel, and she just created a perfect platform for that.

paper, work online, or simply enjoy our Dutch apple pie.

Double-check the opening hours beforehand

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April 08, 2022
Rona Coster