Futile and Purposeless Contest and Aruba’s Salary Subsidy Program Proposal

Futile AND Purposeless Contest

I cannot call it by name, because FB will accuse me of profanity, but what we’re seeing in parliament is an ego-driven battle.

Locals are in distress, many of them have not been paid in over a month, there is no money, and our MPs engage in a totally silly exercise, postponing important discussions.

Aruba must submit a proposal to the Netherlands, on May 1st, regarding the Salary Subsidy Program, or the Loonsubsidie.

Then that country’s Council of Ministers must debate, ratify and outline conditions


You understand it is a process, and meanwhile there is no money in Aruba, everything is on hold because our self-serving representatives feel the urge to parade in front of TV cameras, making drawn-out incoherent statements, regarding obscure amendments, they are proposing.

Which part of ‘Keep Quiet’ don’t you understand?

Where is your sense of urgency?

Don’t you have anything better to do?

Take a 40% salary cut, and move out of the way.

People here have ZERO income and you shoot your mouth.

Grow up.

Our ship is navigating treacherous waters and we just need one experienced captain, ONE to dodge the icebergs, so we don’t sink.

MinPres, MinFec, ok, the Central Bank as well, that’s it, the rest MUST beat it.

Luckily FASE just came through on April 29th for 3,111 locals with more to come today. FASE and the above mentioned Loonsubsidie. when finally implemented will alleviate the distressed situation, that has been acerbated by GOA’s refusal to follow the lead of the other islands, and its wish to reinvent the wheel.

But we are now finally on the right track.

Aruba Salary Subsidy Program – Proposal

Aruba’s proposal for the Salary Subsidy program shall first be reviewed by CAft. After such review it requires approval by the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. If approved, a soft loan shall be granted to Aruba by the Netherlands to finance the program. Aruba’s request is for the program to start retroactively April 1st. 2020.


  1. Organization is considered vulnerable (list of exceptions is based on those that are not considered to be vulnerable to revenue loss due the COVID-19 crisis).
  2. Revenue drop of at least 25% (measured from current month to same month year prior).


  1. No employment terminations since March 15, 2020.
  2. Employees get paid 100%, unless mutually agreed to otherwise.
  3. Subsidy is based on monthly salary, as per registration at SVB on March 15, 2020.

 Main aspects of subsidy: 

  1. Subsidy paid to employer is 80% of total gross salary registered at SVB for all employees.
  2. Capped at maximum Awg 5,850 per month per employee.
  3. Weighted by percentage of revenue loss. Minimum loss of 25% required.

 List of exclusions:

Government; AZV and SVB; Educational institutions subsidized by government; Companies and Foundations that receive government subsidy (such as Serlimar, Arubus); State-owned companies and Sui Generis (except those that have tourism-dependent revenue); Healthcare organizations that receive financial support from AZV; Banks, Life Insurance companies, and Pension Funds; Elderly Care organizations; Private companies that are natural monopolies; Notaries; Agriculture; Supermarkets and mini markets. Note: exceptions will be made for mini markets that are not able to open due to location (i.e. inside of hotels); Funeral Homes



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April 30, 2020
Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster