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As Aruba’s first locally produced Malta, we are proud to partner with Ban Uni Man pa Cria Nos Muchanan. Malta is a beloved staple in the Aruban community, evoking treasured memories from childhood that carry on into our adult years. Malta has been our refreshing companion with friends on the playground or enjoyed alongside our favorite breakfast treat with family.

We believe in the vision of Ban Uni Man pa Cria Nos Muchanan to provide all children in need with breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Children who start their day with breakfast have more energy and focus to excel throughout the day, which is crucial to a productive learning experience. Your purchase of a Malta Balashi will help this worthy organization reach more children in need, ensuring that the young ones in our community start their day off on the right foot.

Malta Balashi is Aruba’s favorite nutritional non-alcoholic beverage, loved by children and adults alike. From the breakfast table to the playground, from family outings to youth sporting events, Malta Balashi is an iconic, cherished beverage.

Wholesome, quality ingredients

Malta Balashi is a delicious, nutritious, and refreshing non-alcoholic beverage. Notes of malted barley and hops are topped with a sweet caramel finish that’s revered over similar products.
Our process

Malta Balashi is a carbonated non-alcoholic beverage expertly brewed from malted barley, hops, sugar, and Aruba’s pristine water and enhanced with a natural caramel color. Once brewed, Malta Balashi is cooled down at very low temperatures and goes through a filtration process to discard any element that generates turbidity, resulting in a clean, bright beverage. It is then canned and packed in 12-can packs.

Join Us in Making a Direct Impact

Malta Balashi is committing to donate towards providing breakfasts to over 800 children in need in Aruba.  Join us—no donation is too small—in making sure all children in Aruba have a foundation to a bright future. Learn more about Ban Uni Man pa Cria Nos Muchanan

How to donate
Direct donation to Ban Uni Man pa Cria Nos Muchanan can be made to the following bank account:

Aruba Bank 2516290190
CMB 22589501

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March 30, 2024
Rona Coster