Front-Desk agent Evelyne Boekhoudt, is Employee of the First Quarter at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

The quarterly award ceremony at Caribbean Palm Village Resort took place at the beginning of the work day. It was a much-enjoyed event over snacks and refreshments, with emcee interim General Manager Astrid Muller and her executive team.

Front-Desk agent Evelyne Boekhoudt was lauded for excellent performance overall, first among other nominees, January to April, 2019, with Housekeeping Supervisor Gilberto Spataro, Pool Supervisor Carlos Henao and Front-Desk agent Robeshca Vrolijk, in the running

 As customary, extra mile award winners, with extraordinary stories of resourcefulness and creativity, received much deserved praise. Those who earned distinction included Cesar Martinez, Anarella Piñeyro, Lucia Wolff, Elsa Croes & Jean Philemon – Housekeeping, Evelyne Boekhoudt, Kenjah Howell, Rashida Gomez & Robeshca Vroijk – Front-desk, Patrick Arends – Driver, Gregory Sanchez, Eugene Paesch, Hyacintho Henriquez, Carlos Henao & Teddy Piña – Maintenance.

Following the award ceremony, employees were invited for an enrichment session, focused on budgeting and stress related to financial issues. Employees learned that two of the most common effects of financial stress are anxiety and depression which may have long-term effect on our health, and increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, digestive problems and general dysfunction.

Pictured here, winners and Dr. Roberto Leal, with a lecture titled: Mente y custumber den maneho di placa – the role of mentality and habits in money management.  


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April 26, 2019
Rona Coster