From a reader: Collective sector viewed as a business opportunity

Why now?

The timing of the POR crisis is unfortunate.

You ask why now?

Good question.

Oduber seems the obvious initiator and motivated power monger.

But even he has one or more bosses.

It is those bosses who are the real deciders and puppet masters.

It is those who corrupt the collective sector by directing GOA’s actors to facilitate their business interests.

This corruption is rampant in Aruba.

Lomba pa lomba. I scratch your back you scratch mine.

At its heart, it comes down to the absence of public media’s capability or willingness to critically ask questions and investigate WHAT is really going on with the collective sector.

Maybe because there is no demand for this type of journalism and truth?

It seems like the collective sector is viewed as a business opportunity by many.

That creates the hunger to try get perks and privileges, which creates distrust in the general public feeling left out from eating the delicious pie.

The collective sector should be guarded and made transparent against the possible infiltration of corruption.

Sure, let people make money from delivering good services to the public.

As long as it is done fairly and without strong arming and bullying, at the community expense.

In view of Oduber being the recent legal target of an investigation as a severely corrupt agent, he seems to try and prevent further damage by removing the current MinInfra, and this may just be the straw that broke the camel’s back

The truth will come out. 

The current MinInfra, in this instance, has fought for the truth and had attacked local white collar Machiavellians for some time.

Remember the FCCA Interbank affair? She knows what’s going on and she has the nerves to drag it out and turn on the light.

If this turns into a circus the Dutch will have a good reason to send in the Kwartiermakers escorted by 3 PGs and a corps of inspectors to reinforce the understaffed RST.

Somehow we will learn the TRUTH. Whether we seek it ourselves, or not. It would be good to tell our children that we have liberated ourselves from our own national illnesses. I am not sure we will be telling that story. We may need the Rijksdienst to take over management.




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June 08, 2020
Rona Coster