Freedom of Speech and the ban on speaking

While I am a great freedom of speech advocate some individuals should not be allowed to speak, let alone to speak to the press.

For example:

Banned: Our former MinPres.

On March 18th he occupied video time when he pretended to zoom down the street for two yards on a mini stand up scooter. What a stunt, wow, so green, so eco-friendly. Enough. You had your chance. We do not wish to be exposed to phony PR opportunities any more. That time is over. And the weepy articles where you get cozy in the picture with a sweet little old lady, lamenting her low income and deteriorating quality of life, nuff.

I would be perfectly happy if I do not come across any of those any more.

Banned: The former Minister of Finance.

While I think that if he played his cards right and changed his last name to Eman, he has a good political career ahead of him, I can no longer read his daily boring financial dissertations, with a straight face. Because he was part of the -1.7-billion-florin combined deficit created from 2010 to 2014, which according to Solo Di Pueblo went the following:

-188.6 million in 2010;

-325.2 million in 2011;

-443.3 million in 2012;

-332.8 million in 2013, and

-405.8 million in 2014.

You helped spend the fortune by saying “Yes, Man” to every outlandish cash guzzling exercise, so you should now help as a parliamentarian, to support this nation with good counsel and educated input, instead of an ongoing fabricated cry-baby narrative.

Banned: A Certain Squatting Watersports Operator

They were all dressed in a fancy bright uniform, for the first time, for the photo opportunity, all nicely groomed and well spoken.  As I said for the first time. As soon as talk about licensing started circulating this squatter Palm Beach watersport operator made the investment to upgrade and improve his illegal palapa, creating an even larger footprint on the real estate he was trying to claim, with 700 beach chairs and umbrellas on a doubtful permit of fifty.

Yes, while I am a free speech advocate, I wanna tell my colleagues in the press, cookies, you don’t have to speak to EVERY ONE, and print EVERY THING, you can exercise some editorial common sense.

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March 29, 2018
Rona Coster