Fragile Vase or Victorian Era Mentality

I heard a few sound bites from a discussion by parliamentarians Tevreden, MEP, and Candelaria, AVP, in a meeting of Christian Churches.

I listened twice to make sure I understood what Tevreden was saying, because his public speaking is confusing, handicapped by his limited vocabulary, in Papiamento.

He first attempted to explain to a hostile audience, how the Civil Code amendment was ratified, under his watch.

He explained the right for Family Life was anchored in Human Rights, and if a particular legal system is opposed to same sex unions, the country still has to give people options, hence Registered Partnership.

He did point out that when local laws are in conflict with International treaties, international treaties win.

A number of law suits have also been filed, he explained, in local courts challenging GOA’s sitting on the fence since 2016, regarding the issue.

Then he wanted to explain something about Denmark, the first country to embrace Registered Partnership and meant to say that it is closely modelled on marriage, but did not find the correct words.

The last sound clip I heard was disturbing, but it garnered applause from the audience at the Christian Churches meeting.

The world has been emancipated Tevreden began, and women, want some of that. According to his Bible, scriptures dictate that men are the heads of the households and as such their job is NOT to abuse, insult, oppress or break their wives, on the contrary, men should treat their wives like precious, fragile vases and prepare them for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Pure puritan thinking.

He also argued that men should be the ones naming their children, because that gives men a sense of responsibility and attaches them more deeply to their off-springs.

As an example Tevreden went where he always goes, to that painful fact he often brings up, that fact that his own father was absent from his upbringing, though he carries him name.

Children born into single mother families, Tevreden said, talking about himself, will always search for their roots, and question who they are, and in which crib they were raised.

My Questions:

Was it just the fear of violating international treaties that motivated our parliament to vote PRO the Civil Code amendments, or was it genuine love and acceptance, which all citizens deserve, that propelled our legislators to move.

Do I want to be treated like a precious, fragile vase? Tevreden had better ask MinPres and MinFec. I know, the answer is NO. They want to be treated as equals, at the very least.

Will the naming of the child really motivate a selfish, irresponsible man to assume the full burden of raising and educating the fruit of their loins?

What happened to the separation of church and state in our system?

While it is true that the Bible treats women as wombs, with a few exceptions, we are NOT living in biblical times, and it makes no sense to take the bible literally.

It is literature, a work of art, cultural heritage. It is NOT a handbook, nor a guide to life in the 21st century.

How come we have such backward thinkers in Parliament??








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March 09, 2021
Rona Coster