For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me. JOB 3:25

Local transmission.

We are now paying the price for the desire to open the economy, no blame assigned, or judgement expressed.

We needed to open, or roll up and die.

BUT we needed to crackdown again, three-four weeks ago when the videos of our dancing, hugging, licking bottoms of bottles, mingling locals and tourists popped up!

The night clubs.

One of them wrote to me indignantly how dare I hurt his business, by posting the crazy party clip. They are following protocols he said. Sure, in their dreams. I answered that Bati Bleki readers are no night club goers, we retire to bed by 10pm, and we certainly don’t have a taste for cheap tequila.

I am wondering how come they say we have local transmission without linking it to our visitors or returning locals. That must be the source.

And how are they contact tracing?

They do not have the technology.

SUGGESTION: Tell us where we could have been exposed to the Covid19 virus and we will show up in hordes to be for tested. Muscles & Lungs on Palm Beach advised its members that one of their trainers tested positive. There are rumors circulating in the community that a Gusto bartender and some YOLO staffers have been affected.

Gusto has been the BIGGEST offender, a petri-dish of germs, and if the rumor is wrong, they are nevertheless an irresponsible, negligent, selfish and stupid member of the business community. And because of laid back attitudes of the Police and DGV we are three weeks late in curbing Gusto’s passion for crowds, body fluids and physical proximity.

Starting August 3rd, we are now STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to wear a mask, everywhere and under all circumstance where the 1.5 social distance requirement cannot be observed, and where no glass/plexi-glass is installed to enforce that distance.

Above pertains to all service locations, indoor and outdoor.

Elderly homes, religious services, funeral homes, gyms and all other organizations, must enforce protective measures, as spelled out in the official protocols.

Extra measure valid starting today, August 4th, 2020

  • Restaurant tables, up to 4 diners are permitted, excluding kids below 12.
  • No service at bars, no bar chairs permitted.
  • No music, DJ nor live.
  • Indoor group sports are out
  • Indoor contact sports are out
  • Outdoor contact sports are out
  • In public areas, up to 4 people are allowed to gather, no group gathering allowed.

Our careless community had better take this to heart because while we would like to see our economy running, our health system cannot handle any serious number of cases.  

Practice the rules, and save us from the disaster

Wash your hands effectively and frequently, use hand sanitizer, avoid touching your face, mouth/nose, maintain social distancing of 1.5 meters, wear a mask when distancing impossible, if you’re feeling any symptoms call your doctor.

Do the right thing!



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August 04, 2020
Rona Coster