For the Love of Shoes

For a few minutes yesterday afternoon life seemed normal again, I was standing in a Shoe Lounge, not just a shop, a glass of chilled white wine in my hand feasting my hungry eyes on the biggest spread of shoes I have seen since the pandemic erupted — cutting all shoe shopping sprees out.

I am talking BIG, everything from sexy towering stilettos to working-girl single-sole pumps, ballerinas, Mary Janes, strappy flats, sling back flats, clunky, chunky thick-soled sneakers in silver and gold, wedged espadrilles, with or without ribbons, with or without platforms, ankle booties, block-heeled mules, straight from the 80s, and totally retro kitty-heeled mules, you know that 4cm heel that gets into every sidewalk crack in Aruba, that we nevertheless love to wear. AMARE has those low, comfy beauties quilted, totally ridiculous, in all colors of the rainbow. And wait till you see the mini silk-scarved shoes, yes, shoes with scarves, and mix-matched scarved belts!

A place like that, you say, doesn’t exist.

You are right.

It exists in our dreams this week, but next week AMARE is opening at Oroubo Mall, the central bus station in Oranjestad, adjacent to Royal Plaza, with ample parking in the back, in the municipal lot. You may saunter by the empty buses, drivers on break, and enjoy their appreciative looks, as you trot back to your car, going place, on just-purchased high-heeled darlings.

Yes, I am a shoe-aholic. No, I don’t need help.

Three creative and courageous chicas decided last year already, to gift us a Shoe Lounge, no synthetic materials, zero plastic, saying yes to pure, soft, long lasting, breathing, repairable, padded, leather. Outside and inside. Just like in the old days.

They set out to design all styles, including men’s – loafers, Oxfords, lace-ups – matched colors, and oversaw production in Colombia of an original collection with quality leather and suede, to be shipped to Aruba in time for a Spring Shoe Lounge opening.

You know what happened, then, right? The pandemic. But a small, insignificant delay did not discourage Milly, Mari & Vivi. They chase their dreamed on high heels, and are now stocking an elegant, fun Shoe Lounge at a fantastic location, in town.

Why are we so obsessed with shoes? Because they are affordable, instant glamour. They make us feel good, for not that much money.

True to that philosophy, when I slip my footy-foot into a pair of irresistibly heels, nude is my favorite color, my stomach suck itself in, on its own volition, my boobs somehow snap to attention. It’s magic.

You may wear rags, but if you have a good pair of shoes on, all is forgiven.

If you promise not to tell a soul, I will confess. I have watched the first season of Emily in Paris, an intellectual insult, last weekend, when it rained.

Boy, I loved her shoes. Every episode featured most amazing designer footwear. I did not see myself wearing her silly hats, or carrying her frivolous purses, but I lusted after every one of her shoes.

Remember Sex in the City. Their shoes were so yummy.

And finally, next week, they will be available here. Stand by for some Insta/FB invitation, and meanwhile repeat after me: AMARE, to love or be in love.

Tel.: +297 592 3811,


F Amare Shoe Lounge


Weststraat 13, #106, Oroubo Mall, Oranjestad, Aruba

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October 08, 2020
Rona Coster