Fontein Property Land Revolts Against Trespassing.

This is a similar story to the Andicuri beach saga. A privately owned property gets trespassed and vandalized in the process of running tours through it, in this case, tours of Arikok Park.

Most of our visitors, and locals, operate under the impression that by buying an entrance ticket to the park they can also enter the ruins of Hofi Foneirn.

No, says property representative, Jorge Trevino, they cannot, since the property is not part of the park and the rangers employed by Fundacion Parke Nacional Aruba, should use their authority to protect the rights of the property owners and limit access, as the signs indicate: Stay Out, No Trespassing.

Dos Playa Investments & Real Estate legally bought the shares of the company that owns the land, with the intention to develop some ECO concept that will create jobs for the people living in San Nicholas. As expected, because of the special status of the park the company encountered insurmountable obstacles, cleverly placed by the institutions in charge.

Just to refresh your memory two attractions within the park are the Fontein Cave and Hofi Fontein. The limestone cave is famous for ancient Amerindian drawings, from about 1,000 years ago. The drawings decorate the walls and ceilings, and just to the south of that site, Hofi Fontein, the only freshwater spring on Aruba ’s north coast, was a kind of country-estate, which decades ago housed a dusty museum with remnants of animal skulls, uncared for plants, a cage rattle snake, and some old artifacts from colonial days. Yawn.

It was unimpressive, the way it was, and is remained a unexciting, it is just a reminder we actually have a history.

It is totally neglected and in ruins.

The Fontein Cave is of course important for its ancestral history, that goes back millennials, and the Hofi adjacent, bears valuable witness to life in yester-years, a piece of living history, but here is the catch, because of its ‘importance’ it is doomed to dust, and oblivion, and cannot be touched, or reconstructed.

But meanwhile every tour company on the island allows its clients to dip their toes into the cool fountain water for a free fish pedicure.

The tour company gets paid, the park gets paid, Dos Playa Investments & Real Estate NV, gets heartache.

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April 09, 2022
Rona Coster