Finally, MinFec saw the light

After nearly 5 wasted weeks GOA decided to pursue what Curacao and St Martin have followed from the get go. It was always made clear to Aruba, that if it asked for support in a certain manner, it would require NO special approvals. A Loonderving, salary subsidy, system through SVB is a simple non bureaucratic way to boost the economy, and help out-of-work employees, and it was waiting for Aruba to solicit one, but the MinFec and her advisers, and the misguided MinSAL – social affairs, labor – had other ideas. They were wrong and Aruba almost missed the boat.

It remains a mystery why GOA waited so long to go down the correct path. The Amigoe newspaper article, on 4/14/2020, gave a detailed explanation of the situation. Perhaps Minfec read the article, but on 4/15/2020 she showed signs of a spiritual awakening: In a press release she explained a change of heart, back-pedaling to where she was supposed to be from the start.

Gratefully, 6 weeks late, on May 1st, she will submit the correct document as recommended by CAFT, for Aruba’s employees to receive some funds, via their employers

GOA has difficulties handling the island’s affairs in fair weather, and it is struggling greatly in a storm.

And we have at least 2 more years of economic depression to get through…

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April 16, 2020
Rona Coster