Fanny & Jacky enjoy rehearsal dinner at Casa Tua

rehearsal-dinner-2Fanny & Jacky’s nuptials was celebrated at a Friday evening Shabbat dinner at Casa Tua Barcelona.

Dr. Mario Gurevich, MD, the Rabbi of Beth Israel congregation in Oranjestad, and his esteemed wife Sara, the proud parents of the groom, co-hosted dinner with the bride’s parents Dora & Delazka Alvarez. The lovebirds met in Israel and as their marriage was announced they asked family members to come to Aruba for a destination wedding. Rabbi Gurevich officiated over the Jewish wedding ceremony on the beach, Sunday, with a reception that followed at Beth Israel synagogue’s social hall.

Pictured here, the family’s get together Friday evening, at a Fiesta Espanola Casa Tua Barcelona, a fantastic pre-wedding celebration, to the music of singer Angela Croes.

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June 15, 2009
Rona Coster