Everything we say, we say out of love

The other day, a young local gardener forgot his appointment at my home, Thursday 7:15am, and when I called to remind him, he came up with car problems, as an excuse. I then remarked it was shoddy customer service, and he got all huffed and puffed, that I could not disrespect him this way.

I said, darling, it is exactly because I care for you and appreciate your services that I zundra bo. If I didn’t care I’d let it slide. Because I value you, I am emotionally attached to your green thumbs, I get mad, I want to fix you, it’s out of love, not disrespect.

But being young, he disagreed, I stepped on his long toes, his false-pride was wounded, he hung up, never to be seen again.  

How can we teach you that when we speak up, we do it out of love?

(Anybody knows a gardener, with short toes?)

We do it out of hope, that things will change, that you will get message, and improve.

It’s been since March 15th that we have been waiting for some meaningful changes, and the unions are still crying in their beer about 5% and 12.5%, and the private sector is surviving thanks to generous Dutch support.

The government machine is still burdened with huge overhead, and we get no decent, value-based customer service – see license plate procedure, line up for proof of payment, line up for plates, make it as complicated, labor intense and cumbersome as possible.

Because of our unwillingness to change the Rijksministeraad has until July 10th, to come up with effective ways to make us understand that stringent financial supervision is in our favor. That we cannot go on wasting resources.

From what I see and hear, we simply don’t want to hear about the consequences of our mismanagement, and Rocco Tjon is still rudely kicking shins, how do you insult the people who are bailing us out?

If we want to survive, we should keep a very strict diet in the next 12 months, stop spending money, buckle up and one by one improve management of public services, island finances, seriously enforce Dog Laws, Litter Laws, Child Seat Laws, Tax Laws, Tinted Window Laws, RHD Car laws, Talking-On-Cell-Phones-While-Driving Laws, Driving Under Influence Laws, Child Protection Laws, and a million other issues we avoid managing.

We have great laws, a bunch of them, this morning we heard about a new one, Consumer Protection law.

How can we run a country if we avoid managing it?

A little Dutch management will go a long way, and we say this out of love, because we have difficulty managing anything effectively.

Of course we have famously fantastic people, but that doesn’t mean that they can manage anything. We have no choice, but import talent. Help.

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July 03, 2020
Rona Coster