Eventologist, a one stop logistics shop, the gateway to exceptional and stress-free events


If there is anything we all agree with, it is the total success of Carnival 70. The entire season was spectacular.

SMAC the Carnival organization delivered on all aspects, under the leadership of Darren van Ommeren, in his third year as president.

Was 2024 the best Carnival ever, I asked.

He hesitated. It went very well, he agreed, but 2025 is going to be even better. Many of the groups are celebrating milestones, and we are improving a great number of events, so 2025 will top 2024, by far, but I can’t share anything with you, yet.

OK, I will wait patiently, impatiently.

SMAC, Stichting Maneho Aruba Carnival, consists of 11 committee members and three supervisory board members who put together the greatest show on earth — Aruba’s Carnival.

While Christmas drives the local economy in December, Carnival is the single economic motor that spins business here in January and February, in which millions of florins, change hands.

From liquor distributors to make up artists, seamstresses, musicians, snack makers, haberdashers, Spanx importers, nail salons, and providers of portable toilets, all share in Carnival’s commercial frenzy, it’s a machine with many moving parts, that relies on collaboration, and the coordination of the SMAC committee members, and its multi-tasking president.

Kudos to you all!

Recently, the team decided to put that same ability of pulling together many moving parts into a new company, Eventologist — they describe it as the gateway to exceptional and stress-free events.

Darren and his closest ally Edelysse Nicolaas, Eda, registered a local event planning company, out to organize anything and everything on the spectrum from music festivals to private parties, comedy shows, and corporate retreats. They are a one stop shop for logistics and management, and guarantee well-executed, unforgettable experiences for their clients and their guests.

Eda has been Darren’s organizational sidekick for more than 10 years. They have been hired by the island’s event companies to run big shows, but from now on will be operating under the Eventologist umbrella and working for themselves together with their Carnival crew, Aaron, Rusette and all other multi-taskers.

They produced a Latin comedy show last weekend, plus a private party, they have a band from Curacao at Balashi Gardens on the books in March, a concert of a Colombian artist at Veradero Marina in April, Mothers’ Day brunches, and a July concert.

Darren has played in that public arena since the mid-80s, when he came to live on the island, from Curacao, and was welcomed, practically adopted, by the radio family at Canal 90. He became a tech first, and later helped with the Aruba Jazz Festival, which morphed into the Aruba Jazz & Ritmo Festival. He was a behind-the-scenes producer for almost all mega performances. Marco Antonio Solis. Ana Gabriel. Marc Anthony. The big names. The Electric Festival. The Green Village. He could write a book about his adventures in showbiz, from Weststraat clubs to legendary color-coded beach parties on Surfside Beach.

Eda, whose father was a musician, soaked up showbiz vibes from early on at home, watching J’ouvert Morning from the porch in her parents’ home, in San Nicholas. She joined Darren to photocopy and staple press kits together, at age 16, learning all there is to know about event production. And though she is by now on the verge of finishing her degree in Mechanical Engineering, she uses her managerial and systems formulating skills to support Carnival, and just recently to control the complexities of Eventologist.

They are a resolute, dynamic bunch!

Save yourself the trouble of planning anything, call the Eventologists!

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March 11, 2024
Rona Coster