Equine Sanctuary Aruba (ESA)

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They, was a movie that left an impression. It depicted a number of desperate people, in the US depression-era, on the brink of breaking, willing to do anything to survive including signing up for a dance marathon, last couple standing wins, an insignificant amount of money.

When one of the contestants finds out how little money she stands to earn for her monumental sacrifice, she asks her dance partner to shoot her, take her out of her misery. He does. And when he is arrested his defense line is simple: They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

They show mercy to aging horses, why couldn’t he show mercy to a desperate friend?

The movie was huge. It received umpteen Oscar nominations, the most ever, but never made it to Oscar’s Best Picture.

Which brings me to ESA, Equine Sanctuary Aruba, they have a lovely website too: www.equinesanctuary.weebly.com

Their goal they explain is to give unwanted, neglected, abused equines (horses, ponies, donkeys) a safe haven where they can live what’s left of their lives in peace and harmony.

With the United Nations Sustainable goals in mind, they enclosed a lovely piece of mondi in Brigamosa, it is a Garden of Eden, filled with local plants birds, a bee hive, and a bunch of domesticated brown chicken, that patrol and rule the territory.  

The old horses, so far just two, have access to food all day, hay, no pellets, and they can walk around as much as they want at any time, have a drink of water, stop and smell the roses, socialize with the chicken, the dogs, the cat, in essence, classic dolce far niente.

The horse manure is collected daily by their caretakers, and you are invited to come get some for your home garden in exchange for a bag of apples or carrots for the horses.

The sanctuary recently started a program whereby it invites kids suffering from autism to interact with the aging animals, allowing them a healing communication opportunity.   

The sanctuary, in Faye’s Ranch, is in its development stages, and it is inviting the community’s input, by way of accepting unwanted equines and by way of volunteerism.

From their website, currently looking for:

1. General care takers from 8-11am Monday to Friday
2. Professionals who like to give our equines a massage for injuries
3. Professionals who can do acupuncture for pain relief
4. Walkers (walking in the park with the horses by hand, mostly in the morning Mon-Fri)

As a starting foundation Corporate Governance is important. ESA has a qualified board who is knowledgeable and in possession of high expertise relevant to the objectives. The articles of incorporation provide a daily management structure for future employees and volunteers, with defined rules. The long term goals and objectives are statutory determined through an open dialogue with board, management, volunteers and other stakeholders. The yearly foundation financial and governance ethics are to be reviewed by an appointed certified accountant, whose opinion, including financial statements, will be published on the website.  

For a one-hour interactive lesson about horse/donkey care in the 21st century, call for an appointment. Frederique Drost at #738-1109



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June 27, 2019
Rona Coster