Entrepreneur-Woman Workshop


An excellent initiative by Pastor Harold Grant and his wife Ghislaine, brought together a diverse group of ladies for the purpose of helping them spread their wings and take an “Entrepreneur Woman Workshop.”

The workshop was held at the building of “Corporate Impact Ministries,” and it featured three local guest speakers, three businesswomen who own companies, namely Merreldeth Curie, consultant and medical adviser for pharmaceutical companies, Rachelle Phillip, from QF, Quick Finder Group of Services and Gerella Vrolijk, from Fabulous bijou shop.

The speakers talked about setting up their own businesses, and discussed women at work in general. All shared what inspired them to take the first step, a leap of faith, into the business world. The group enjoyed breakfast before the workshop and a flea-market type of fair afterwards, organized by Natasha Lambert, Martha Peters and Ghislaine Grant.

The workshop revealed that common sense is at the heart of all life-changing decisions, combined with faith and tenacity, values such as Save Money, Crate a Business Plan, Find a Competitive Edge and Do What You Love, basically sum it all up, still it is often easier said than done.
The excellent initiative designed to help women in the community was non-denominational, and it is not the first time, in the past Minister Marisol Tromp was also a guest speaker and guests who participate are not church members, they are just local women with a dream.

Pastor Harold Grant, 33, hails from the Bahamas, and is married to an Aruban, whom he met in Ohio while attending college. The church was established 5 years ago, and enjoys a multicultural attendance

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May 12, 2009
Rona Coster