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Dog Swept Under Rug

This blog was written before I found out that reportedly Customs made contact with the prosecutor, and that after an evaluation, the prosecutor concluded, there was no reason to pursue an investigation.

Enjoy a useless column!

You are getting another helping of boiled dog courtesy of attorney Lincoln Gomez who posted about the legal aspects of the Customs dog, left to roast in a scorching car.

Our penal code makes negligence or cruelty to animals a punishable offence, which covers the sad fate of the Customs dog. The punishment is up to two years in jail, and up to 25K in fines. The public prosecutor must investigate the case, and Customs cannot decide that it is an internal affair.

I found out about the allegedly asphyxiated dog via NoticiaCla, it happened a while ago, Customs buried the remains in a huff, and did not want to deal with the hot potato, any further.

Customs’ top banana, Ricky Croes, explained he handled it in a disciplinary manner, that did not require any further action.

He is our highest Customs officer, and he has to follow the law. If one destroys property or kills or mistreats an animal, the act deserves a criminal charge, and in this case all THREE criminal violations are present. Croes must be aware that according to our penal code, he has an obligation to file a complaint, and he hasn’t done it yet.

He says he doesn’t want to do it

Our highest ranking Customs officer gives a terribly bad example, to his juniors.

If we cannot trust him to enforce, who can we trust?

That dog was government property and his death must be investigated to make sure there is no foul play involved, perhaps he was poisoned by a party, averse to counterfeit money detection, and this is just a cover up?

I am sure there were people among us, who wanted the dog dead.

Perhaps they managed to get to him, he died, was buried weeks ago, and the story just surfaced?

We must rule out foul play and cover up.

Why doesn’t Ricky Croes follow procedures?

According to our penal code, he should be disciplined for failing to report a criminal offense, there is no excuse and he cannot decide to report, or not to report a crime.

This is obstruction of justice.

Animal advocates on the island find the chief’s response unacceptable.

He has to follow the law. If we cannot count on him to apply the law, who can we count on?

And he cannot hide behind ignorance of the law, he is a highest Customs official, and he should know. Any junior civil servant should know the law.

Perhaps he intentionally swept the affair under his rug?

Why is he covering up??

Frederick Nuboer recently had a drink too many and the whole country got on a high-horse to make him resign from the Algemeen Rekenkamer.

Where are the self-righteous voices now?

Cruelty to animals, mistreatment, death, are three charges, all those involved need to be investigated, and foul play must be ruled out.

Failure to follow the law, should be addressed.

And while I am on the subject


Cruelty to animals, mistreatment, death. And the Police tolerates the practice, they even have a FB page to announce upcoming events. A barbaric, primitive practice that is a punishable offense according to our penal code.

I wrote about it in 2018. Is it still going on??

Let me know.

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November 11, 2021
Rona Coster