El Diablito at the Marriott Aruba Resort & Stellaris Casino

Stacey Banfield, Marketing & Communications Manager at the Marriott Aruba Resort & Casino asked me if I wanted to meet El Diablito, chef Emilio Marcias.

What do you think I said?

The culinary devil will be exercising his magic in the lobby of the resort from 7pm to 10 pm, Friday and Saturday, with a limited number of seats available.

He’s been here before, last year, when nomadic Chef Diego Muñoz stopped in Aruba on his world tour offering a 5-course Peruvian dinner at La Vista. He was the chef’s assistant.

With the aid of a culinary devil, last year’s event was a resounding success giving birth to a series of similar specials.

The upcoming weekend fiesta features Mexican cuisine, the old-fashioned way, flavored with many local ingredients from Aruba.

Chef Emilio promises harmonies of tastes and textures, chased by special Tequila cocktails and sipping Mezcal, fat worm included.

What we recognize as Mexican cuisine, El Diablito explains, is a hybrid that traveled the world and adopted many twists and modifications.

In his own kitchen, El Diablito developed a concept that goes back to the source, to the original methods and techniques, no cutting corners, and you will taste the difference when you bite into his snappy, zesty, crunchy, lively dishes, flavored with chapulin dust, the dried snackable grasshoppers, drizzled with lime juice, salt, chili, from mild to devilish, and loaded with fresh herbs, exotic tubers, different varieties of corn and tomato, green and red salsas and the ever present heavenly avocado! Yum.

So, drop in for an a la carte experience, El Diablito is here for just two days. He is busy traveling the world otherwise and spreading his gospel in Europe and South America. When back from charming the world he hopes to open his own El Diablito in Lima, Peru, where he presently lives and where he met Teddy Bouroncle, the resort’s Director of Food & Beverage Operations, back in the days when they all worked for a legendary restaurant Astrid & Gastón, high up on the World’s Best Restaurant list.

Save me a seat at the bar, I never had Mezcal, or dried high protein, low fat grasshopper dust, I am ready!


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May 24, 2018
Rona Coster