Eezee Lizzy Debuts at the Westin

Eezee, sandwiched between Marielle and Franz and visitorEezee Lizzy debuted Monday morning at the Westin Aruba Resort. The green visitor took his first stroll into the Bon Bini Restaurant, shook hands and left an indelible impression on little ones who rushed to meet and greet the lizard as it sauntered in.

The new mascot, true to Westin’s vision, created an engaging and memorable moment as children insisted on introducing their parents, also enquiring what the lizard’s name was. The young visitors will never forget meeting Eezee Lizzy over breakfast, helping make the family’s experience on vacation special and compelling.

Eezee Lizzy will be at the Bon Bini restaurant every Monday with his escort and companion by his side, Marielle Smeets, the resort’s Director of Fun.

Pictured here Eezee, Marielle and Franz, Director of Food & Beverage.

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June 27, 2008
Rona Coster