Ecotech sent an interesting press release around, and this is my version of it!

ECOTECH, doing good since 1985, pioneering sustainable management of waste and recycling

From its early debut in 1985, ECOTECH directed its efforts and resources at sustainable management of waste on the island, a company with a mission to offer quality service, effectively and efficiently, determined to meet the growing needs of its customers.

With Ecotech, it is not just about the collection of household waste, it is about the love of the island and the concern for its environment, paired with the desire to preserve its beauty for the next generation. 

An historical snapshot of Ecotech

Three companies contributed to the formation of Ecotech. Some of you still remember Ganata Cleaning NV, a company founded by Shon Pa Lopez, in 1985. Fast Cleaning NV, by Chogogo Arends came along in 1997. The two companies were taken over by ATCO NV, when the later decided to add Ecological Technologies to its menu of services.

ATCO NV was an already a well-known company, having been established in 1928.

With the three companies merging into Ecotech, Ecological Technologies, modern waste collection activities took off in 1985 with about 30 to 35 employees

Ecotech did not do it alone, it recruited an international mentor, Hurco Jumco, who advised Ecotech on the structure of its business. They helped install new equipment and set up the warehouse as an MRF, Material Recycling Facility.

At Ecotech the household waste is brought in and separated, cardboard and aluminum cans go for export, then sand and stone for reuse in local projects. Powerful magnets fish iron out for export as well. The collection of used oil for reuse as bio-fuel was introduced, in addition to the shredding of confidential documents for banks and businesses.   

Incidentally, I read in the company’s website that its first private customer was the Radisson Hotel which received a self-contained compactor around the Millennium. The large volume compacter was supplemented by a baler, to help reduce the volume and compactor trips to the landfill.  This was followed by other resorts such as La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino, the Hyatt Regency, the Wyndham Aruba Resort, the Holiday Inn, and the Marriott Aruba Resort, opting for a new way of treating trash.

Ecotech: A strategic partner in the management of residential waste

Credit belong to Ganata Cleaning N.V., who in 1985 had the insight to tackle waste management. Up until that time, DOW was in charge of household trash collection, as a government agency.

In 1988, Serlimar was set up as a separate government department.

Over the years, both EcoTech and Serlimar enjoyed a peaceful collaboration, both companies reached out to each other for help regularly. During the Millennium, Ecotech helped Serlimar collect waste from 6,690 households for a period of more than one year.

A strategic partnership was formed.

In 2005, Serlimar was restructured into a Siu Generis, a unique independent legal entity within the public sphere, with the intention of starting to charge local household for residential services.

According to me, Serlimar sent our invoices for two or three years, then gave it up because naturally the public was not opening its wallets on command, and the mailed invoice and collection without coercion failed.

As I said in a previous article: We all agree we should pay for the service, build it into our water and electricity consumption, and reward us for the 3R, reduce, reuse, recycle.

Back to Ecotech: The company currently services approximately 6,000 residential and commercial clients which means 50% of Aruba’s waste is handled responsibly, using the latest technology and creating more than 100 jobs.

Ecotech stands by its message: “Together can we contribute to a clean and sustainable Aruba.”

For more information about Ecotech’s sustainable services and products that you can depend on, please contact the freely at telephone tel.: 582 4684 or visit the website

WHAT THE LAW SAYS: “The legislation not mean that the new organization (Serlimar) will be granted the exclusive rights to collect household waste. The already existing private companies will be free to also do it. “

“… for the sake of clarity, it should be noted that a few private companies are already successfully operating in the field of garbage disposal… “

“The legislation does not aim at excluding active private waste collection companies from collecting household waste.”

In regards to waste processing in Parkietenbos:  The new organization (Serlimar) has the right to charge private waste collection companies a compensation, for the waste collected by them and delivered to Parkietenbos.”

BOTTOMLINE: You decide who collects your trash. Get used to the idea of paying for the service.

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July 16, 2018
Rona Coster