ECO DMS appreciates a ten year career milestone

dsc03865Glenda Henricus recently celebrated her 10th year anniversary with ECO DMS.

Glenda, says President & CEO Wichita Villacres has been a pillar of strength, an injection of energy and a fountain of knowledge in the past 10 years, in her role as Director of Operations at ECO DMS.

Blessed with an unusual capacity to recall details, her incredible memory is often very helpful; it helps the ECO DMS ARUBA team to summon up information long gone, regarding all clients, every situation, all hotels and each executive, who ever came in contact with Aruba’s biggest destination management company.

Most importantly, Glenda is eager to not only meet, but always exceed clients’ expectations, and she inspires the operations team, and stretches them over their limits, encouraging them to deliver stellar programs and events every time.

Glenda’s loyalty to ECO DMS ARUBA for the past 10 years can be measured in absolute terms, Wichita states.

The company, Eco Destination Management Services of Aruba recently hosted an intimate office-party at Musa Café di Artista on Caya Betico Croes, in honor of Glenda. The party was attended by Ruben Mannes and Magali Meza who represented company President & CEO Wichita Villacres, traveling on business.

Glenda received a handsome engraved plaque, and all of her important contributions to the company were acknowledged via a heartfelt pat on her back, and hugs from her peers.

Pictured here, the get together at Musa Café di Artista, over snacks and drinks.

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May 14, 2009
Rona Coster