ECO achievers go on a cruise

The ECO Destination Management team servicing Aruba’s many meetings and conventions is putting the shoe on the other foot this week. The team, dedicated to the creation of dream vacations is taking a trip, and not just any trip but a cruise, an all expenses paid Caribbean cruise in the company of colleagues and family members.

Anneke Leverock, traveling with son Robert, Salome Folks, Teofilo Hernandis, Glenda Henricus, Magali Guzman Meza, Ruben Mannes, traveling with wife Janice, Patricia Tromp & Naila van der Cleef, took a flight Friday morning, catching a cruise ship out to sea, awarded for their hard-word and dedication.  

Wichita Villacres, Eco Destination Management President and CEO explains that her team won the award based on surpassing the financial goals set for the sales team for 2008 and surpassing the financial goals set for the operations team for 2008.

Each team member also surpassed expectations in their daily duties, entitling them to a trip as a reward.

Eco Destination Management adds Wichita is celebrating 20 years of existence on the island and is also marking the company’s commitment to GOING GREEN and as inter-office campaign within the business environment and in the field, upholding environmental principles. 

Pictured here the team of Eco Destination Management Services of Aruba N.V., ready to board a plane to catch a cruise, have fun, your earned it.

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December 07, 2008
Rona Coster