E Debate, puts the merchandise on display

At three hours and a half, it was a challenge to stay put, nevertheless more than 4,000 viewers tuned in live last night as 10 Millennial politicians, and 10 political leaders participated in a televised event, E Debate, unfolding at the Renaissance Convention Center in front of a lively audience.

The event was conceived by the priceless Jacky Wernet and Atan Lee Jr., and their talented Xclusivo team, in collaboration with by Vota Pa Ken, Sharkk, Mauro and Samil, self-styled media personalities. The evening was emceed by Mark Benson, who seemed to be having a good time. Elite Production did an outstanding job.

This morning the broadcast flaunts 1.6K reactions 8.2K comments and 438 shares.

Overall I have to admit that watching the Millennial politicians was a waste of time. The MEP representative, currently a member of parliament, was the one-eyed king in the land of the blind, thanks to his experience in public speaking.

The rest had no depth, they were unprepared, unrehearsed and unschooled.

The political leader portion of the evening was more interesting. From among the ten, three, MEP, RAIZ & ACCION21, demonstrated great familiarity with the materials, and had rehearsed sound bites that came off knowledgeable, and fact-based.

MinPres is an artist at that.

She has a well-rehearse and informed sound bite for any questions.

Again, experience counts, she’s been doing it for years.

The leader of RAIZ, and the leader of Accion21 were the only ones consistently talking about the systemic problem of overspending, which is the heart of all issues.

We spend two million a day on interest payments.

Both Raiz and Accion21 reiterated that our national debt handcuffs all good intentions, and our excessive interest payments render all talk about investing, futile and unrealistic.

I liked Miguel Mansur’s diagnosis, when talking about the investment plans of his political rivals, he said they suffered from: “Association cu realidad occupante.”

The AVP leader had just one song, give the people what they want, they suffered, they are poor, give the fish.

The man from POR was a bore, sigur-sigur.

The HTC, CURPA and RED representatives are anti-vaxers, which IMMEDIATELY discredits them, since they do not believe in science and dispute facts.

The Face to Face session was the most animated. The public chose a showdown between MEP and ACCION21. Apparently, there is great curiosity and interest in both parties.

They sparred and stung. Evelyn Wever Croes got a bit under Miguel Mansur’s skin, he bit back decisively, she hit below the belt, referee Mike Eman came to the rescue, kudos to him, reprimanding MinPres for her unwelcoming attitude of the talented prodigal son, returning home.

Great political fireworks. AVP defending ACCION21, against MEP.

The last part of the marathon consisted of a fun question:

Which three leaders would you invite for dinner, and what would you cook.

Apparently, Evelyn Wever Croes is the most popular dinner guest. She was invited everywhere. In return she wanted to ask all female politician for dinner, including the leader of MAS, a clear message to Marisol Lopez Tromp that the door is open and she shouldn’t just consider green as a coalition partner, yellow could also fit. MinPres was going to serve stewed cucumber, her mother’s recipe.

I told you, she is an artist. All sound bites are well-rehearsed.

Ricardo Croes was invited often for the entertainment value, they said, and as the host he pledged to serve a tremendous space cake.

I couldn’t believe my ears, such low level of discourse.

Seraida Pemberton revealed she can’t cook.

Mike Eman wanted to invite all political leaders, because now is the time for union. Apparently, he is sending signs he would be willing to talk to all parties, to form a coalition, he is open for business.

Finally, all of these media events are good, because they show the merchandise.

True, we have more choices but not much quality.

What do you expect from a tiny rock in the ocean?

Lastly, why was MAS missing? She declined to appear and claimed being busy, wrongly-perceiving the platform as hostile. Her miss.

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June 10, 2021
Rona Coster