Due Process and a Fresh Fish Dinner

Deported without due process

I read this morning on CNN that: The Trump administration is still pushing for a way to get people who cross the border illegally out of the country faster.

Which is against the law, because once you touched American soil you have the right to due process.

Same day here we read here that the MinJust placed the Chief of Warda Nos Costa, the head of our immigration police, on inactive leave because he deported a 15-year-old undocumented Venezuelan kid, who was under the auspices of the Red Cross in Aruba, without checking with the ministry first.

The kid was denied due process and the chief is reprimanded for his decision.

Aruba still hasn’t formulated a policy regarding undocumented visitors, so there are a lot of gray areas and the chief took an autonomous decision. I liked the MinJust’s reaction because it sends a message that due process is obligatory at all levels.

Bistro de Suikertuin hosts a local fish market

Chef Addie Meijer went back into the kitchen this past Saturday. The former co-owner of Que Pasa restaurant enjoyed a full house at Bistro de Suikertuin for his Local Fresh Fish Market menu.

Suikertuin organizes monthly Guest Chef four-course specials at reasonable prices including an amuse and a welcome drink, and draws a crowd of regulars, for an evening that represents the heart of Dutch culture, the epitome of the word gezelligheid, sociable, friendly or cozy.

Chef Addie who is now at the helm of a new business, Green Fish Aruba, a sustainable, commercial source for fish, is slowly finding his way in his new role as purveyor. He went back into the kitchen this past weekend to keep in touch with his community of friends and fans.

We started off with an outstanding amuse: Patacon with tuna, avocado cream, and pico, paired with a heaped spoon of tuna tartar, in teriyaki sauce, with toasted sesame seeds.

The appetizer featured a quinoa salad, ahi dressing with delicate home smoked mahi mahi. A nut crusted triple tail filet on top of Parma risotto with beurre blanc, was served for main course, and marinated pineapple with vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate mousse concluded the very pleasant affair as dessert.

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June 26, 2018
Rona Coster