Don’t do it.

Two things today.

One of my friends reported to me that a certain developer sitting on the parcel of land between La Quinta and Oceania Residence, the one previously designated for the construction of condominiums expressed his current optimism that under the sitting government, you know the one that had already resigned, he will be able to get the permit signed, and then develop a 600 room All Inclusive resort at that location, the last minute political climate he said, is favorable.

I say, don’t do it, to whoever is in charge of that decision.

A new mega resort on Eagle Beach will require about 800 employees, and that is just the tip of the burdensome iceberg. I hope it’s just a rumor, wishful-thinking on behalf of the developer.

One more thing from yesterday.

I read an editorial in Solo Di Pueblo, page 2, “Hopi politico lo bay gradici y nenga e stoel,” making suggestions for Daphne Lejuez and Dr Vallejo to turn down their seat in Parliament. The newspaper asked Lejuez to show maturity and step down and advised Vallejo to switch lanes and become an advisor. Really?!

I say don’t do it, to whoever is in charge of that decision.

If MEP’s old school guardia attempts to purge the new and exciting candidates they just recently attracted, it will forever KILL their chance of attracting a new kind of voter, a non-traditional MEP follower. As a party, in order to broaden your support base, you must branch out, hug and hold your Playa candidates, and the ones from Noord and Savaneta. You are already very strong in Santa Cruz, so you must keep fishing in farther ponds. Lejuez and Vallejo are great assets, get rid of some junk in the trunk and make room for innovation.

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September 30, 2017
Rona Coster