Don’t Do It!

The suspension of Jerry Starring from the Health Department was upsetting. I should have written about the previous suspension of Marck Oduber from Meteo in February, but it somehow fell between cracks. Now with the public shaming and character assassination of Starring, I have no choice but voice my disappointment with the way the political system works. Moreover, the list published in AweMainta with fourteen other GOA directors reportedly being sacked is further disappointing.

I hope it’s just gossip.

Starring was a MinHealth appointee from our green fever period. He is educated, and qualified. He tried to bring some structure and discipline into the department that reportedly was chaotic, to quote my sources, DVG was in anarchy, a state of total disorder.

Starring created some job description, enforced work hours, spelled our rights & obligations pissing the old guard off. Finally, those who previously came and went as they pleased played politics and cried on the minister’s shoulders.

It is amazing to me that a politically affiliated crybaby can bring down a department head.

Regarding Starring, what are the accusations, we want to know, you cannot spill his blood in public and withhold the reasons for investigating him in the first place

What kind of message are you sending?

Other department heads will be shaking in their boots, scared to ever create any job descriptions, or enforced work hours, let alone spell out rights & obligations for FEAR of pissing the old guard off.

One of my friends writes: I understand that in some cases people need to go if they are conflicted. And some of them are too political. RDA. UTILITIES. However, in some other cases, like at Inspectie and DVG, these are hard-working smart people, which GOA should use. Sending them home with full benefits and pay is counterproductive and will set us back lightyears. It will cast a dark negative shadow over public sector employment, during its yellow fever period.

The Awemainta list, a hand scribbled list of people reportedly on the chopping block, is very demoralizing and wrong. A guy like Marlon Croes at DOW, I don’t understand. This bulldozer does what needs to be done, he is smart, educated, why would you want to replace him in a storm of negative energy? Dorly Lopez, finally the right person, at the right place, they do a great job, why fix what ain’t broke.

GOA should try to score credit with us by looking beyond political color. Don’t lose years wasting time with new and potentially useless people. We must adhere to a MERIT system, down with NEPOTISM.

On a funny note: The former MinPres issued a pompous Human Rights violation alert regarding political persecutions. Perhaps we should ask him why so many of the department heads have an AVP political affiliation? Because he dislodged all MEP supporters when he was on the throne.


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June 04, 2018
Rona Coster