Don’t believe a word we say

I always read announcement and pronouncements of the media outlets across the political spectrum with suspicion, because they are often colored.

Take for example the recent KVK encuesta botched up by Setar. According to KvK in the Amigoe, Setar was taking care of that part of the show and they somehow messed up.

Did they mess up because of the unexpected high volume of voters who placed Accion21 on top?

Was that the motive for aborting the effort?

24Ora, in its encuesta gave AVP 28% approval, MEP 24%, Accion 21 19%, Mas 10%, and Raiz 4%, covering 87% of the vote. The remaining 13% spread thin among all other small parties.

You must ask yourself how did AVP land 28% of the votes? The answer? 24Ora is a green publication, and we read it anyway.

The Noticia Cla materials presented a better picture, with more complicated breakdowns and graphs, with the leader of MEP endorsed at 77.5% and the leader of ACCION21 at 72.8%, as the best debate performers. Worst performers according to Noticia Cla were the POR leader, 92.1%, on the negative scale, and the leader of HTC, 89.9% on the negative scale.

Check it out yourself, I found the graphs of Noticiacla and Doc Opleidingen difficult, but informative.

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June 07, 2021
Rona Coster