Donate your time, or some much-needed money to FPNC

If I recall correctly, in 2009, the not-for-profit FPNC, following Gandhi’s view that poverty is the worst form of violence, created a food bank, a clothing bank and a furniture bank, with Claudie Wegdam as Project Coordinator under its full name: Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad,

Claudie was later replaced by another dedicated individual, Indra Stamper, and two years ago by the hard-working Gianaika v/d Biezen, and her dynamic team members Lissa Harris, Gabriel Marchena, Suehen Pourier, Nicolaas Almarracin, Jewel Baker and Liandro Loopstok.

Together they care for over 4,000 families, providing them with food assistance, mainly.  

Headquartered at club Kibrahacha — I am inviting you to visit one day, it is an immense operation – they solicit bids, get purchases approved, buy huge quantities of everything including basic staples, dry and fresh goods, receive merchandise, repack it with great care and distribute to grateful, needy clients, also making home deliveries.

The work is overwhelming and they are always happy to welcome volunteers from local service clubs, as well as motivated individuals.

Following the Covid19 outbreak, humanitarian aid was approved for FPNC in April, and the Dutch Red Cross started coordinating the activity, in collaboration with the Red Cross Aruba and Cede Aruba. A three-month budget was put together, with funds to assist 2,250 households.  Caritas International, a confederation of 165 Catholic relief, development and social service organizations operating in over 200 countries and territories worldwide, came into the picture too, with funds raised by comedian Jandino Asporaat, which he awarded to the Dutch Antilles.

During the three summer months of June, July and Aug, FPNC went from supporting 250 families to 2,250 and then to 4,000, exponentially scaling up the scope of its activity.

The pressure is enormous, says Gianaika whose job it is to spend the money wisely and responsibly by soliciting the best prices from local and overseas purveyors, placing orders and overseeing their tidy distribution.

Now, that this budget is finished, Gianaika and her crew rely on Happy to Give Back, a program by Cede Aruba, designed to collect the fund necessary to continue the support of local families.

We strive to maintain different funding streams, explains Daniel Tecklenborg of Cede Aruba, we hosted a successful recent 48-hour fundraising with the collaboration of ten radio stations and are grateful to Superfood for its steady support of the foundation, and the government’s contribution of Awg 1M, but we are always on the lookout for additional opportunities, public and private, because the need is everywhere.

While at first FPNC only helped locals, it is now an equal opportunity resource, also to undocumented persons.

In 2009, it was businessman Francis Saladin, Frasa NV, one of Aruba’s largest distributors of international products, who spearheaded the FPNC initiative. He has been chairperson ever since, and has involved over time, more than 40 other social partners, Amigonan di FPNC, many not for profits, NGOs, schools, civic organizations, government entities, medical institutions, youth services, rehab facilities, refugee assistance providers, and the tireless Rotary, Quota, Lions, and Kiwanis clubs, to help carry the responsibility for the social net, so that no one falls between the cracks, in Aruba.     

But right now, the future of the food bank looks uncertain with the Dutch donation running low, and no additional Dutch-aid in the foreseen future.

Nevertheless, Gianaika is optimistic, the local community is generous and giving, she says,  

To donate:

Donate your time, at Club Kibrahacha, strong arms needed to move boxes and a sweet smile to greet clients.  

Make a monetary contribution:

Bank Information Aruba Bank 1000; Banco di Caribe 100 000 500 001 800 01; Caribbean Mercantile Bank 60001000; RBC Royal Bank 77000 000 44195025

Tel.: 588 0002 and 562 4205

[email protected], go to the website to register for aid.

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September 08, 2020
Rona Coster