Does the end Justify the means?

This is a philosophical question we all wrestle with every day.

Politicians do too.

Does a good outcome excuse the wrongs committed to get there?? For example, campaigning with illegal funds on the theory that if one wins, the end justified the means, especially when running on a trendy, albeit pretend, green platform of renewable energy??

We go back to 2013.

“General elections were held in Aruba on 27 September 2013. The result was a victory for the ruling Aruban People’s Party, which won 13 of the 21 seats in parliament.”

How did they get there?

According to a recent post, leaked by some happy people, the former MinPres of Aruba was the recipient of Venezuelan funds for his re-election effort.

A blog in tells the story of campaign contributions. We did not find the Fundacion Campana Mike Eman but the Tradequip Company exists, and so does Los Haticos; the value date of the transfer to the Mike Eman Foundation was omitted, but the transaction looks valid. (I later saw the date: Sept 16th, 2013)

Regardless if fake news or real, the following is true: in 2013, the end justified the means, and dirty money financed the razzle-dazzle of the Aruba election campaign, culminating with thirteen bands in participation for the Victory Parade held that September.

If you recall, I do, our election campaigns were small mama-papa BBQ fundraising affairs, until 2013, when AVP surprisingly introduced a social media blitz, orchestrated by expensive US campaign professionals, modeling themselves after the 2012 United States presidential elections, when President Barack Obama and his running mate Vice President Joe Biden were elected to a second term.

Where did the money come from? Aruba was penniless!

As we later found out AVP got generous support from a bunch of new friends. In reality they took money for campaign financing from crooks and criminals, foreigners, with a predatory eye for weaknesses.

They totally lost their moral compass.

The won, but it all fell apart.

The new Venezuela-consul appointee Carvajal, was arrested in 2014, that was an international scandal with Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro threatening Aruba and finally getting the crook off the hook on a technicality. The Netherlands declared Carvajal persona non grata but that must have maddened the Americans.

Then Dutch financial supervision was introduced in 2014. Remember the famous Hunger Strike?

Then Rincon (a long time partner of Carvajal) was arrested in Houston for money laundering, that was 2015, and every single one of AVP’s new influential friends, went to jail, or died.

I am quoting a bit from the blog for your reading pleasure, to remind you what happened up until 2018, when AVP dropped off the scene:

“Mike Eman charged Aruba from 2014 to 2018 with more than Afl. 2 billion for incidental, selfish projects that have in no way brought financial added value to the island. In 2019, the Aruba Court of Audit confirmed that more than 80% of these projects were not viable.

After 2014, when credit was no longer available to manage the budget, Eman resorted to lies and manipulation, by convincing CAFT that he had concluded a favorable deal for Aruba with the Citgo refinery. Mike Eman presented this illusion very conveniently to the CAFT. The Citgo deal would boost Aruba’s economy according to his “plan” and would provide the required return to cover the (huge!) Debt he has built up. Eman also organized various “reopening” festivities for the Aruban population for a refinery, which he knew would never actually reopen. A salient detail is that these parties did not yield anything to the country, but cost EUR 10.5 million.”

Please take some responsibility and ask yourself how we got here??!!

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April 24, 2020
Rona Coster