Do your laundry at night, and save

In a recent letter to parliament, freshly sworn-in MP Miguel Mansur, Accion21, handed in 17 energy-related questions, asking GOA to answer in writing.

The letter was no doubt inspired by the recent firings at Web where both director and CEO received golden-handshakes, without public explanations.

The seventeen questions requested more clarity:

Regarding the negotiations with Eagle LNG and Quantum, about WEB, and the notorious firings, how much they cost us, how long the interim WEB management would stay, who will be the next director, what are the job requirements, will there be a tender, or is it an outright nomination, what has been done at WEB and ELMAR to promote alternative energy, what kind of structural supervisory-changes have already taken place in WEB and Elmar in the past four years, and what are the future plans for these two organizations. How much money is spent and/or allotted for consultants, as a shareholder how is the government protecting the directors’ job application process, what exactly is the role of venerated Richard Eman, may parliament get a copy of the letter-of-exclusivity signed by RdA and Eagle LNG, could parliament look into all the documents regarding the much-talked about liquid gas facility, could RdA report on its activities, and what are the hedged tariffs, how does Aruba guard against petrol/fuel price hikes.

Wow. All good questions.

I understand a few more individuals are clamoring for more info meanwhile, the head of MEP’s parliamentary faction, Rocco Tjon, sent 11 questions to the President of Parliament, Edgar Vrolijk, questions that must be answered by MinPres, also RAIZ sent a love note to the same address, the President of Parliament Edgar Vrolijk, with similar demands, for RDA, WEB & ELMAR to tell us something about their hushed activities.

ALAS, many questions, but we are not hearing the deeper one.

Why are we still producing CO2?

Why is there no national energy plan towards zero CO2?

Why are we paying way too much for energy AND producing CO2?

You’ve seen the images from Turkey and Greece this weekend, the extreme weather disasters, tourists evacuated by ferry from a Greek Island, set aflame by crazy weather patterns.

Who will send us a ferry?

What are we waiting for?

Why are we being sabotaged by ELMAR and WEB when trying to go sustainable, and contribute to the fight against global warming.

Where are the tax incentives to buy and install our own solar set up and storage?

We’re the perfect island, for every house and every business to manage its own energy needs!

While eliminating CO2.

Our Central Energy Generation model, is so yesterday. So old.

Want to hedge against fuel prices? Work towards independence from fuel, nationally.

Make it more lucrative for people to produce their own solar power.

MinPres should make it her job to reduce our dependence on WEB, then the centrally producing energy company will lose power… pun intended.

Unfortunately, all this talk about the introduction of liquid gas is PROLONGING our agony.

It is diverting attention from what we really need to talk about:

How to use solar and wind power to the max

How to decentralize the generation of power?

How to put our natural resources to work, efficiently?

Minimize use of fuel, regulate the creation of CO2, halve our expenses on power.

(MinPres could spark this revolution today, by introducing day and night electricity rates for example, which will incentivize companies and individuals to work off-peak hours, after 8pm, until early in the morning, so those will be the times when you can save money on your electric bill. Do your laundry at night, and save!!)


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August 09, 2021
Rona Coster