Do flags and stickers win elections?

My girlfriend who lives in San Nicholas woke up one night, the dogs were barking, she went outside to check, and found that AVP had hammered, a humongous flag to her gate posts, we’re talking big. They never asked permission and they attached it in a way which is difficult to remove!

So does that mean that San Nicholas is green?!

I am asking myself whether flags and stickers win elections?

Monday morning, the newspaper was filled with pictures from successful campaign rallies, with happy politicians hugging and kissing, celebrating birthdays, bands playing, lights spinning!

The campaign even piggy-backed on the Dutch Marine’s annual open house, blocking traffic to and from San Nicholas, to accommodate the MinPres and his urge to pop his head into passing cars. Thirty-four thousand locals inconvenienced; it was a bottleneck with the MinPres risking his life to arrest traffic by sticking out his neck, literally, to slow down motorists for an election pep talk!

I asked around then, who pays for the flags, stickers, tee-shirts, Mother’s day and Christmas cards, and I was told there is no election budget anchored in law. The political parties have been stalling the draft for “Political Parties Financing Law,” which would bring mandatory transparency into all political funding, which of course they do not welcome.

Now, my child, there are many creative ways to accumulating campaign funds, which are usually funneled through stichtingen, foundations. So now you know why each minister has all these foundation registered. And more pop up every day!

WHY? Because the legal structure of the foundation implies there is no transparency at all, in contrast to NVs or Eenmanszaken, which require disclosure.

Usually GOA contracts affiliated companies for various jobs, often bypassing public tendering. These companies fatten the invoices, then funnel the excessive monies into related stichtingen.

Recently, we heard from Open Bar Mysteries, OM, that “selling” work permits is lucrative, and by looking around we can clearly ascertain that government land lease deeds also pay off handsomely.

The traditional fundraising BBQs? They are just window-dressing, a lot of sweat & tears with minimal net result, but granting labor contracts against a donation to a not-for-profit stitching, that’s the way to go.

It is obvious that the bigger the party, the more successful the politician has been at “fund-raising,” collecting campaign funds, and our fun loving people enjoy the music, a free drink and a tasty snack, anytime.

Over the next few weeks, you will see our politicians spending money like water, it’s our money they are spending, on the election campaign instead of on healthcare and education. They will have no problems spending, they did not have to work to earn the funds!

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May 17, 2017
Rona Coster