Divino NV, an exciting new company

Michael v/d Berg is building a new warehouse across Caribbean Overseas, in Eagle, it is more than double the size of his old digs at Pepia Est. The way he sees it, the company couldn’t expand in its original address, so the partners decided to partially part ways, with Michael v/d Berg overseeing the growth at Divino NV and Herdy Ten Lohuis consolidating Pepia Est.

Sometimes along the way when Tito’s handmade vodka joined Pepia Est, then Macallan Whiskey, Jägermeister, and Disaronno Amaretto, they started feeling cramped. So, the decision to give birth to a new company took shape.

It was a bold move, but Michael is bold. He identified a good location, an abandoned warehouse project in Eagle, picked it up, as is, where is, and proceeded to build the original footprint, already blessed with permits and all. He moved into the building just recently, operating a generator for light, water will be connected shortly, but Divino NV is launched and in business.

With a new dynamic company, Camus cognac came along and many more, all leading global brands who were happy about the emerging opportunity to expand their local market share.

Because of the ample warehouse space Divino was able to pick up Cupcake wines, and FlipFlop, both wines from a global source meaning the Pinot Grigio comes from Italy and the Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, all best sellers; and among fine wines Shafer & Caymus, Napa Valley and Brunello di Montacino top the list, then Michael also made room for an amazing find, San Telmo from Argentina.

As the owner of the new company he opted to spearhead sales and leave the actual management to two members of the next generations. As a sales person he is tireless and driven, a consummate wine connoisseur and a deal closer, all wrapped in one. He got his start on the island in F&B but later joined a stumbling liquor purveyor. He eventually took the business over, with his partner Herdy, as he found his calling: Grapes, Wineries, Vino.

Always engaged, always engaging, I will drink his wine, anytime. We wish Divino NV a great success.

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January 23, 2018
Rona Coster