Divi Resorts and The Divi Impact Foundation Serve Up a Thanksgiving Lunch for The Residents of Maristella

Eagle beach- Divi Resorts and its charitable foundation Impact recently treated 160 residents and staff members of Maristella, a government-run home for the elderly, to a festive lunch, bringing joy and food to help brighten up Thanksgiving week.

A number of Divi employees helped to serve the festive meals. They also had the opportunity to interact and connect with the elderly residents. The residents of Maristella welcomed the visitors and truly enjoyed the nicely prepared lunch and dessert.

The lunch was made possible by Divi’s Impact foundation, which was established by Divi employees over seven years ago, with the goal of taking on social responsibility projects. IMPACT, which stands for Improving Motivating and Providing the Aruban Community Together, encourages leadership, owners, guests, business partners and employees to donate time, money and resources to help the community, resulting in a higher standard of living for all. Divi’s employees work to raise funds throughout the year, in order to make a difference and contribute to social causes on the island.

Photos show the residents and staff members of Maristella, joined by Divi’s employees, as they all gather for a festive moment together.

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November 26, 2017
Rona Coster