I am usually fan #1 of our national treasure, the man used to be known as Biggie Boy, now Jeon, of Arvani Music, officially named Johnathan Thiel.

He launched a new single by the name of Savaneta.

I had to watch it.

I am greatly disappointed. Such shlock, the video is cheap and predictable. An unimaginative version of all other Dominican or Colombian music clips, in a popular genre.

It has nothing to do with Aruba’s little seaside village.

It is shot in an oil-stained supermarket parking lot. Ok, in Savaneta.

I understand they had a huge crowd of fans when they tried to film it, the Police had to interfere.

The video features a great number of young dominatrices in cutout dance skins, fishnets and sweat, all shiny hair and wet lips pushing their butts and/or breast on full display, sometimes both, suggestively twerking to the beat.

They think it’s sexy. In fact, the height of sexiness.

In reality it’s just trashy.

Jeon stands there, in the middle of a circle of parked car and dancers. It looks like he is preoccupied, wearing a pained look on his face. Apparently, his girl left him, and he wants her to COME back.

Such a subtle double-entendre.

So clever. Not.

The lyrics, in Papianol, consist of monotone, monosyllabic grunts, with the non-word VEN repeating more than 100 times in the 3 minutes and 26 seconds, of the two-dollars-and-fifty-cent production.

Production? Nothing to it, just a bunch of by sloppily dressed bystanders — all men drinking, Balashi, of course, all women have their goods on display.

Come-hither is the sexually explicit message.

You get no accolades for music, nothing for production, nothing for taste.

Where is the Johnathan Thiel of yesteryears?

Naturally, we allow you to change, evolve, mature, become more sophisticated, more complex, even deeper.

Why did you take a trip down the dumpster?

I heard him speak one time about his two personalities, the wholesome and the bad. This is a third one, just tacky.

Will the girls proudly show the clip to their mothers?

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June 15, 2022
Rona Coster