Disappointed & disillusioned

In retrospect I am very surprise that the MinPres signed that famous letter, July 24th, vertrouwensbreuk met minister Marisol Lopez Tromp (POR), dictated by the former MinInfra and written by MinJust, practically removing the infrastructure portfolio from the minister legally assigned to it, and downgrading her to project assignment.

It was out of character.

There was no due process.

No time allowed to mediate and think about the implications, though some feeble efforts at mediation were made.

Also, signing the letter met vriendelijk groet, presents an ironic dissonant, since nothing is friendly about it. But it is her standard closing, no matter the content of the document.

That said, we wish MinPres a fast recovery from whatever inevitable operation she just underwent, and pray for her ability to keep GOA together, in spite of its tendency to self-immolate and implode.

POR, the proud and respected people, while perhaps proud, earn no respect!

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July 28, 2020
Rona Coster