DIP = Disaster In Progress

Like I opened Pandora’s box. My phone was on fire on Wednesday.

Everyone wanted to tell me their DIP story. But I am working, I said. I have no time now. Ok, I will get back to you. So this is a first in a series of articles from a designer, contractor, and architect point of view. Stay tuned for more.

Some quotes:

“Rona, I am so frustrated. So frustrated. Everything takes so long; I have projects that are 18 months old that are stuck, and if I complain they lose my docs. Just like that, puff,  stuff disappears.”

“One of my clients had 120 projects disappear, held back, for piddly reasons. And when you bring the map back corrected it goes to the BOTTOM of the pile, 75 cases ahead of you, the wait starts all over again.”

“My drawings went 4 times to the fire brigade. And when we changed the design as requested, they still sent the old files to the fire department, 3 more times.”

“I have lost so many projects in the past year, tourists who decide to buy just give up and abandon their plans, because it is so difficult to get anything approved.”

“If you pay Awg 4 per square meter, you get your stuff approve, wap-wap.”

“Two of DIP’s people are moonlighting, making the calculations, and getting paid privately for it, if you engage their services, you might get your stuff approved, if you piss them off, adios, you are a dead duck.”

“These people are so dysfunctional, they read the newspaper, they do their best to bring projects to a halt.”

“DOW too, we call then to inspect the building before the ring beams are poured, or before the foundation is laid, they don’t come. No matter how many times we call. Then we lose the concrete that has been ordered and the iron gets pilfered, as in stolen, because we cannot get them to show up on schedule.”

“ The director at DOW is a sort-of nice guy but he says he can’t do anything because his hands are tied, the Minister gives him no support and no budget for additional people.”

“Rona, I think I am going to change professions, this is not working out for me, I am so disappointed, this is so difficult, I am not getting anywhere.”

“And, it’s a strange thing, but people are afraid. Afraid to complain for fear it will get difficult on them, but I think it cannot get any more difficult than this.”

Some more about DIP, DOW and Cadaster is coming.


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May 26, 2017
Rona Coster