Dinner & Escape at Taste of Belgium

In need of diversion we turned to Dinner & Escape at Taste of Belgium last night, and never even mentioned Irma or the elections. Apologies, it was truly irresponsible of us, but it felt good.

After a delicious Caesar salad, flavored with Menno’s secret anchovy-loaded dressing, we were kidnapped for ransom by the Italian Mafia. Michel from the Escape Room, located next door to Palm Beach Plaza Mall, behind Legends Pub, organized the game and left helpful clues for our release all over.

We found a cigar, a cut-off finger, the gangster’s John Dillinger police record, and a ring, that somehow led me to find a key in a planter. Ok, Michel helped. The key opened a blue safe, that produced a black-light flashlight that revealed the invisible-ink letters scribbled on a wooden box that provided the code to open the plastic-vial shaped portable safe. As we lined up the reels at the bottom of the vial, it opened, providing us with a screw driver, ready to take a large picture frame apart, by removing the screws to expose a perforated WANTED poster that when superimposed on John Dillinger’s police finger print record, revealed 8 letters, the code to unlock the steel suitcase, containing the money to bail us out.  Forgive me if some clues escaped me, but they were many, and the sequence finally set us free.

Relief. We were now ready to resume dinner. Michel says we cracked the code in record time. He was fibbing.

It is a fun group activity, combined with a 3-course dinner, and may pick from a number of menu options. We had an amazing combo platter of red snapper Creole with funchi, egg fettuccine with creamy mushroom sauce and beef teriyaki, vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit for dessert.

The escape room itself offers more elaborate CSI murder mysteries which you can solve with up to 25 friends in a room especially outfitted for that www.escaperoom-aruba.com

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September 08, 2017
Rona Coster