Difficult to Keep up

BIRD SCOOTERS. Under the guise of pandemic, BIRD scooters found their way into our economy and they are now left to litter every sidewalk in my neighborhood. Of course, the traffic is less intense these day, but when it picks up, we will experience some gruesome accidents. No, Aruba has no legislation that prevents a business like that from doing spawning dockless and rechargeable wheels, as they please. It is not a big nuisance now, but judging from the experience of big cities, wait, it will become one.

EXCESSIVE FORCE. I read with great sadness that a 48-year-old man was shot dead by Police last night. Welcome to the world. Why should Aruba be any different than any other place? Police using excessive force is a universal challenge and it pains me to think that our men in blue will acquire the habit of reaching for their guns. There is a psychological barrier there. Once crossed it will be crossed again. Sure, we have a precedent, a Policemen was killed here by a mental patient before, but that should not make it OK. Yes, they will investigate, and they will probably find mitigating circumstances.  

PARLIAMENT PRESENTATION. MinPres visited parliament yesterday afternoon for a 1 or 2-hour meeting. True to the wasteful ways of this country the meeting lasted 4 hours. They can’t keep it short and sweet. The CEO of the Aruba Tourism Authority showed an optimistic projection slide, Stayover Arrivals by Month, with forcasted arrivals showing our tourism recuperating nicely. That was before the news from NY, that Aruba is not included among the approved destinations, and is now burdened by obligatory quarantine. MinTvs & Co. were congratulating themselves with our numbers, so called under control. But New York and the CDC think a bit differently. What we need is a decline to 10 cases a day, for at least a week. Hopefully this quarantine list won’t hurt us, because most of our timeshare members are self-employed, and many work from home anyway, so this might not have a huge effect. But keep in mind that NY is our biggest market.

PLENTY OF CASH FOR AO. It is more than a bit confusing. First if you had Covid and were feeling fine, no symptoms, you could go back to work, after one week. This was NOT a proven theory, but a MONEY SAVING strategy. SVB was broke, it would only pay one week, one test. Now I guess they have money again, and pay 14 days. I bet the rate of AO will increase. Employers have been reporting having issues with inflexible employees, unprepared to leave their comfort zone, when asked to pitch in in different departments, with blessings from the unaffected unions. They stick to their guns. It was irresponsible then, not to test members of households where a positive was identified, and irresponsible not to test exposed, symptomless individuals, and send them back to work.  Now that we did get a fresh shipment of tests in, it is clear that we WERE running out, perhaps as a result of a cash shortage, hopefully now, DVG will perform more than the measly 100 local tests, a day. MinTvs tried to refute the shortage first, but now he is inviting everyone to test again, and the Netherlands is assisting with contact tracing, according to my sources. Best of all there is money to go AO for 14 days!!!  

WONDERING. I was wondering if you heard something about the DVG asking food handlers to make a new thorax exam at the hospital? We yearly apply for a new green card for all our food handlers and only for the first timers you need to make a thorax exam. This morning they told me every food handles has to come separately take a new image. I normally apply for all employees at once, but besides poop check they also want a new thorax. I cannot believe I have to ask all my healthy employees to go to the hospital at this point with all these infections. Besides that I do not understand why you would want to burden the hospital even further. Every time you think you know what they want, they think of something else. I constantly wonder if is it to promote health or to make your life miserable

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September 29, 2020
Rona Coster