Designer Nights at EQ3 draw a large crowd

EQ3 Furniture + Accents on Schotlandstraat 45, across the street from Ling & Sons Supercenter hosted two very successful Designer Nights this past week, events designed to help customers refresh and update the interiors of their homes with contemporary flair.

Eric Martineau, EQ3’s Canada-based Director of Visual Merchandising, was flown to Aruba especially for the occasion, and he spent an informative hour discussing fun Mix and Match décor, sprinkling Innovative Design for Modern Living, over existing home furnishings.

On the following day Glen Goddijn, Aruba’s government public space design advisor talked about one of his dream projects, an observation deck on top Hooiberg, and later shared his décor philosophy with guests, enjoying delicious wines by Pepia Est and tasty hors d’oeuvres by Papiamento restaurant.

Store Manager Lynn Maduro offered an EQ3 chaise to be raffled among guests attending the two nights and real estate agent Miriam Engeln won the top prize, drawn by the innocent hand of Germaine Wever, assisted by Eric Martineau.

Pictured here, images from Designer Nights at EQ3 Furniture + Accents; EQ3 is a Canadian-based lifestyle concept which inspires the intimate place we call home.

EQ3 offers a fresh new look in contemporary furniture to the local home furnishings market. The store is open Monday to Friday from 10 to 6.

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November 04, 2011
Rona Coster