Delta, a more efficient virus

This is a bit of a confusing moment. At the beginning of July, we thought the pandemic will from now on become endemic, which means manifesting itself in small flair-ups every once in a while, but then Delta arrived in full force, more contagious and carrying a bigger virus load.

If you are vaccinated, chances are that you will not get very sick, still because of the large virus load of Delta, you might get infected in spite the immunity – they never promised us 100% — and you can infect others.

Since the beginning of July we have been more carefree, less masking, less hand washing, less social distancing, I noticed I socialize much more.

One night of bacchanalia, Spula Krijt, rinse the chalk off, at the end of the school year, on July 9th, and the numbers have been rising.

Take a look:

We enjoyed a very low two-digit number of active cases, at the beginning of July, then a few days after Spula Krijt, an event which propelled everyone to hug, kiss, dance and drink, let their guard down, the crisis team banned concerts and public event. That was July 15th, they knew what was coming.

July 18th, 81 active cases; July 19th, 87, active cases; July 20th, the testing decree when entering from the USA is reintroduced; July 20th, 97, active cases; July 21st, 111, active cases; July 22nd, 130, active cases; July 23th, 158, active cases; July 24th, 182, active cases; July 25th, 210, active cases; July 26th, 225, active cases; July 27th, 252, active cases; July 28th, 302, active cases.

That’s how it goes with Delta, it is a more efficient virus.

In my kingdom, I would mandate all my residents to vaccinate. As the all-mighty queen, I would explain to my people that in order to live in a fabulous place, in a collaborative society, in partnership with others, we must do what’s needed, often regardless of what we want. Like in a marriage. Compromise is required. The repression of our own psyche, and the control of our ego, is crucial for the good of society, overall.

But now we have a shortage of vaccines.

Not to worry, more are coming. Sign up, before this country goes on another roller coaster of infection, before the high season.

And meanwhile, go back to you good habits, you know what to do!

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July 30, 2021
Rona Coster