December opened without fanfare, but my beloved coffee machine went on strike refusing to wake up, and let me smell the coffee. I unplugged. Plugged. Nada.

Things are not made to last forever, I said to my low tech, French press.

Then the car started blinking, low air tire, and we had to rush to the garage, because most gas stations on the island are not offering air pumps anymore, as an answer to vandalism.

Then my computer, old trusty, started blinking. I am stuck on PC. I never transitioned to the reportedly indestructible other option, and that’s how a two week saga began with files going here and there, almost one week without any columns, and no work done.

Then my point of sales terminal went blank, and had to be rushed to the bank for troubleshooting.

Every December I anticipate a few shakeups. The toilets overflow. Tfu, Tfu, Tfu. The air-conditioners go on the fritz. Tfu, Tfu, Tfu.

Hopefully, within a few days, just before the new year order will be restored.

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December 23, 2023
Rona Coster