Dear Yoga Girl

The perfect storm following your Instagram post taught us three things.

  1. Arubans are super patriotic. We will not tolerate undue criticism of our beloved island.
  2. There has been some old pent up anger about your posts from the past, many here a guli manda bao your previous proclamation. I know the island wanted to work with you, but you did not do your share. We know you think you did. But in essence you were only interested in your perfect belly-button, your business, your life.
  3. A Public Service Announcement!? As Social Media already stated many times over, you are not in authority to do that, especially not in trying times. And if you aim at disseminating information, it should be accurate.

We realize you are sorry, now, you removed the post, you back-paddled, asked us to be of service to the island, and declared yourself the victim of an unappreciative community, and an ungrateful government.

Let’s see what you could have done:

You could have told your followers Aruba is prettier than ever, and they should start planning trips in the next months, because our airport, and our hotels, have done an amazing job at making the vacation experience safe. They invested million in health and safety precautions.

The current spike is mostly due to locals being careless, we have 11 non-residents affected VS 381 locals. We let down our guard, it was summer vacation, young people partied, we thought we were covid-free, we were wrong.

Please use your fame to support the island’s economic recovery, it will also be good for your business. Always promote the destination, first!

Tell your followers to wear masks, wash hands, keep distance, you know.

Taking you up on your advice, I want to do something helpful today: I want to help the two goats, the former stars of your Instagram posts, now grown, living their lives in the dog shelter. I saw them recently in their pen, and I think we can give them a better experience in a local herd, in Noord, you can swing by to see them anytime, though I understand they are no longer of interest to you.

This is the time to acknowledge Sgt Peppers Friends, we THANK YOU for starting that amazing foundation, that helped/is helping hundreds of animals on the island, and we hope you renew your active interest in it.  

And as to your question about the bangs, yes, why not, it would look very cute!

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August 08, 2020
Rona Coster