Dear Vacation Ownership Members of Aruba

With the developing global CoVid-19 crisis, many of you are experiencing significant disappointments over lost, much-anticipated vacations. We follow the global news, and we know your lives have greatly been affected and disrupted, lately.

Here too. In the past few weeks Aruba emptied of tourists, many resorts have shut down operations, and a general curfew has been announced effective March 20, 2020, from 9pm to 6am. Most businesses have shut, except food stores and pharmacies, allowed to remain open till 8pm.

The island is experiencing great hardship, and our goal is to keep our employees on the payroll and our resorts in top shape, for as long as it is humanely and financially possible.

First and foremost, we are going to get through this crisis as partners.

Our industry is resilient. You were among the last ones to leave and we know you will be among the first ones to return. Our island has been through challenges before, and with the help of the Timeshare / Vacation Ownership, Aruba got its economy back on track, and will recover as soon as the viral storm subsides. 

ATSA is confident that the vacation ownership resorts will emerge from this situation stronger, but we need to stay united, fearless and positive at all times. 

Our association is aware that the resort members, staffers, strategic partners and the economy of Aruba depends on our industry, and we will not let One Happy Island down.

We ask you to be patient, as we do not know the impact nor duration of the pandemic, but we will keep you posted.

As a direct economic consequence of the travel ban, our resorts are empty and our concessionaires were forced to close. Over the next months, you can count on ATSA to be proactive, in finding relief, and helping the Vacation Ownership resorts keep their heads above water, in view of the virus outbreak, which dealt a harsh blow to Aruba’s economy and everyone’s economic resources. 

We are determined to do what it takes to bring you back to your Dushi Island, and turn back the clock to happier days.

We wish you and your families health and safety and hope to welcome you back at your home away from home, soon.  Stay Safe and be well.

Keep us in your prayers.
Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel

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August 01, 2020
Rona Coster