Dear Benny

I know exactly what happened here, you were in a position of power so long, you developed a sense of entitlement, like you earned all this flattery and groveling, pleading and begging, of people lined up early in the morning in front of the parliament building dying to get your illegible scribbled on a piece of paper that would entitle them to a concession, which they figured out they would get if they kissed your feet, and licked them too.

You were in power too long. You think it is your birthright. So now, when someone points out you did a sloppy job, which you did, you get all huffed and puffed and explain to the President of Parliament you don’t give a damn.

You know what would be the decent thing to do? The decent thing to do would be to explain, to try to mitigate, to help us out of this humongous pickle.

We have this green monster on our hands, it needs to come to completion, we could have used your help if you were not so stuck up on your presumed hurt and humiliating defeat – if you weren’t such a narcissist you could be helpful!

Member of Parliament Marisol Tromp expressed outrage on our behalf. You shredded all documents when you left office, made sure there would be no paperwork to prove your criminal malfeasance, as you violated the public trust for eight years.

I feel dumbstruck, broke too, you spent 300 million on a half-baked project we will be paying for in the next decades, and you, the former man in charge, the former MinInfra, still the people’s representative, don’t give a damn?!

What can I say, you and Rodney Ramazan, from the beach mêlée, just redefined low.

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January 18, 2018
Rona Coster