De Palm Tours Hosts a Party at Amazonia Churrascaria


De Palm Tours recently hosted a thank-you dinner party, in which management expressed its gratitude to the watersports and maintenance staff for the great work completed on the company’s catamaran, Palm Pleasure, during the three-week out-of-water maintenance program.

The long hours of hard work resulted in the vessel looking great, and performing above expectations.

The dedicated staff members were given a choice of where to go to celebrate and Amazonia Churrascaria won the popular vote, apparently the watersports and maintenance crews also have wonderful taste in food!

Pictured here board member Ricky Malmberg hosting the party with Barbra Bregita, the executive at the helm of the watersports department during the celebration in the private dining room of Amazonia Churrascaria.

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March 27, 2009
Rona Coster