“Dangui, please give us the bad news.”

Get it over with.

I am not proud of the actions of the union at the hospital, exempting themselves from a financial sacrifice.

Let’s face it, we celebrated you as front liners, but thank-god we only had three Covid 19 patients, and most elective surgeries were postponed, so you did not work that hard in the past months, which is OK, but why do you think you are better than us, and that you should be exempt from pay reductions??


To the defense of the nurses and teachers, I can say that Serlimar was inspected by Grant Thornton, and they reported that the 229 employees there earn on AVERAGE of AWG 70,000 per person.

Again, AWG 70,000(!!) per person.

So yes, the nurses and teachers, and the Police, should have been exempt from cuts but they were not. Consequently, we must all give a bit, right now.

It is time now, to move to the phase we have all been waiting for, in the private sector: MAKING DRASTIC cuts in GOA’s waste, trimming off the FAT. Let a thousand or two thousand individuals go.

It is not realistic to have all these people hanging around bestuurskantoor doing very little. Once the MINPRES breaks the news and cuts all these useless unproductive individuals, we might be able to pay the nurses, teachers, and police officers what they deserve!!

The Dutch made it clear when they said that all ministers, members of parliament, and ALL companies and organizations linked to GOA gotta give. And this also includes the hospital.

So, Dangui, please give us the bad news and get it over with.

We’re asking: Why isn’t the MinHealth just announce the bad tidings, and get it over with! Secrecy creates friction between unions, when there was no friction before. The problem is the minister.

Because he already agreed on June 1, and handed in the proposal, to cut 5M per month, or 35M this year. The Dutch also told him, don’t wait for us, come up with a plan by June 1 and start implementing immediately.

TODAY is June 15 and he is quiet.

The only way he can implement the cuts is by introducing some sort of co-pay on medication and doctor visits, and by cutting salary expenses across the board, including the hospital.

Instead, he is now creating friction between unions; just go ahead and announce. Get it over with. This way everyone will understand that the only way to get through this is if we all give a little bit.

Have some sympathy for those who have given 20%, 40%, or everything. There are people here who have NOTHING!

The MinPres is preparing for a press conference, stand by to see where the ax falls.

And then again today, GOA needs to hand in the next plan, for the next phase, and we think people will finally get it, and let go, because too many people burden the payroll. And the ones who get hurt by this are the teachers, nurses, police, who deserve better!

“Dangui, please give us the bad news”

You agreed and gave in to everything the Dutch demanded, and now you get cold feet?

It’s 5 million per month, it’s June 15th, where is the announcement?


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June 15, 2020
Rona Coster