Cruel Joke

One of my lawyer friends says: GOA should have a clear and concise policy in place to deal with the question as to who should be considered refugee or who can claim political asylum. I am afraid that we probably don’t have a policy in place and are just hoping that Holland will take care of it, It won’t.

It was a very cruel thing to do. Reportedly one of the radio stations — we should find out which one — floated a rumor about an upcoming amnesty for Venezuelan illegals and over the span of two days, DIMAS was besieged with very anxious, hopeful and stressed out illegals, wishing to benefit from the miraculous Manna from Heaven.

Desperate people are gullible.

They would believe anything.

The hundreds of illegal Venezuelans came to Aruba as tourists and overstayed their visit. Some came here illegally on small crafts, some were legal before and in possession of work permits but failed to secure renewals.

They were hopeful they would be included in the pardon.

The Police had to be called in.

I am grateful they did not show up with a bus to round up the crowd for deportation, but those illegals should know that the right of the Aruban Police to inspect documents was just restored – a privilege and duty removed a number of years ago when the Coast Guard was formed.

GOA convened a press conference to refute the rumor. The MinPres clearly stated that economic migrants in search of a job and a better life had no legal status in Aruba.

The head of DIMAS made clear that political asylum must be applied for at the airport upon entry and be documented and substantiated well. She also said that in past years 0% of applicants were approved.

Many point fingers at the bureau of Disaster Response that keeps confusing the statuses of Economic Migrants VS. Refugees.

Fingers are also pointed at the opposition, and their desire to raise hell, spread some chaos and confusion.

Whoever’s fault it is, it was cruel joke.

DIMAS: Don’t waste these people’s time. Give it to them straight. Filling our forms that no one would read goes nowhere. Don’t raise their hopes high, then trash them heartlessly.

What do you mean you can’t stop them from filling forms?

Of course, you can.

Just jam your photocopier.

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May 18, 2018
Rona Coster