Covid19 Cases on the steady rise

A total of 30 new cases yesterday brought the number of active Covid19 cases to 140, up from a low 77 a mere month ago and the percentage of positive results among locals remains double-digit high.

We must try to reach a 3% – 5% positivity rate instead of the familiar 15% – 25%.

And we must have 30 days with less than 50 active cases for CDC to relax its red island rating.

While the CEO of the Aruba Tourism Authority couldn’t ascertain that the CDC red rating of the island is hurting our business, the hoteliers say it does, and consequently December will probably follow the worst case scenario prediction, instead of the optimistic one, as previously believed.

Early this week, Police closed a Christmas tree stand, in Oranjestad, because the place did not adhere to any of the new normal requirements, allowing customers to freely agglomerate.

Ok, so you shut the business down for a few days, but where is the STEEP fine you issued? The merchant operating the stand knew very well what was required and chose to ignore the rules, we must retaliate by hitting his pocket, hard.

If the public refuses to embrace the new normal, measures would have to be re-introduced, because this spike of Covid19 cases comes to us at the wake of the recent easing of rules, in restaurants and homes.

Party season is about to begin in Aruba, please say no to parties, no to dancing, stay in your bubble!

I have to add here that the daily figures reported by DVG never jive with what my calculator says, they are always a couple notches down from what I get when I divide the number of positive results by the number of locals tested. There is always a lower percentage on DVG’s reports.

It’s a mystery, perhaps I should just get them a new calculator.

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December 03, 2020
Rona Coster