Corporate Sponsor Needed

I visited TPT, Trampoline Pa Trabao again this week, it is the much-loved workplace of my friend Lynn Maduro, who recently joined as strategic overseer.

TPT is growing, and needs more of everything, and I will explain.

A number of foundations on the island deal with challenges faced by small segments of our population, adults, teens and kids who are intellectually challenged or handicapped, teens and adults in rehab organizations recovering from alcohol and/or drug addictions, the elderly suffering from dementia. We have it all, and they all deserve their needs assessed and solutions offered — but our social umbrella falls short many times.

Efforts have been made last year to bring some of these foundations under one management team, and according to Lionel Rumnit, Job Coach at TPT,  it all goes better when you work together.

Foundation Hunto is now the mother-ship for many smaller foundations and in an effort to centralize and serve clients better, the small kitchen at TPT, now prepared meals — a hot meal midday, plus an afternoon snack/sandwich, for over 100 clients, the residents of Centro Colorado, the residents of Eliezer in Paradera, the residents of Inloophuis, and Aliansa Novo, all four rehab centers for clients at various stages of recovery.

Meals are prepared in the small kitchen, by the clients of TPT. It is an amazing undertaking, as a not-for-profit makes meals for other not-for-profits, fulfilling the charter of TPT, getting its clients ready for the workplace.

Meals are packed by 11am, then a number of drivers pick them up to distribute at five or six addresses on the island. One Haitian-born cook, one Dutch volunteer and a number of TPT clients, with Dani Ridderstaat as the Activities Coordinator and Job Coach in Training, handle the job.

That meal prep task was once assigned to outside contractors, it is now handled in house. A win-win, providing real work for TPT clients, and real food to rehab clients. Most importantly, it is prepared with no financial interest attached, and costs are controlled, centrally.

It is heartwarming to see. As I toured the kitchen, they were making pastechis for the University of Aruba, a loyal client.

For your next office function, call TPT for snacks.

For your next business party, call TPT for waiters, as the TPT clients also love to serve at social affairs.

TPT makes it possible for its clients with limitations, to function in the real world, feel ownership and experience integration.

And that’s how my headline ties in. The kitchen at TPT needs all the help that it can get. For the organization to feed its dependents, and sustain itself, it requires a kitchen upgrade, perhaps Awg 100.000 will bring TPT to where it wants to go.

We’re putting it out there, and asking the universe to provide.

TPT is affiliated with Sonrisa, its next door neighbor, with a younger target audience, and they have a social affair every Friday. Dani does a great job at organizing the festivities and keep clients entertained and engaged.

If you would like to integrate some TPT clients within your work force, call Lionel, he will escort the process every step of the way.

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March 30, 2023
Rona Coster